Battery Hacks


One day, someone found that 9V batteries have AAA size cells in them. This was sometime around 1960 or so. Almost 47 years later, someone decided to pop open a 6V Lantern Battery and discovered smaller batteries inside, and not just a mass of blindness causing toxic gunk. These batteries are likely of a completely useless size, although some claim that a profitable manufacturer placed over $15 in AA sized cells inside a $6 battery. FAIL.

It's uncertain whether this is in itself amazing, or the fact that someone managed to purchase a 6v Lantern Battery in the year 2007 is so amazing that it overshadows the original act of amazement.


The only manufacturer known to actively market products at a blatant loss is Sony, and I haven't seen any 6V Lantern Batteries with their name on them.

There is also a nice post that uncovers this hoax with actual science, and not just common sense.